Podcast #570: Casey Moss of NBC’s “Days of our Lives”

Casey Moss/Photo Credit: Getty Images
Casey Moss/Photo Credit: Getty Images

Casey Moss plays the role of JJ Devereaux on the NBC Daytime soap, “Days of our Lives.” The son of Jennifer and Jack Devereaux, JJ came back to town over a year ago following Jack’s death, and instantly had a chip on his shoulder. The character has certainly evolved since arriving back into Salem, but fans certainly miss the days when JJ was just a bad kid slashing tires, messing with drugs, and being plain old mean to Daniel Jonas.

“Everyone loved it, which was cool. When you have someone come onto the show who was a pain, they don’t get positive feedback for it. For some reason, I got to be thankful for it, as fans LOVED me being that way. You’re gonna like what’s coming up. I’m not going to give away any details, but you’re going to really enjoy it. I think everyone is.”

As we touched on this subject the last time Moss was here, we spoke more about the actor’s music, and how it was able to be incorporated into the show. Fans may recall a scene which aired within the last couple of weeks that featured JJ and Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) with the two singing.

“It’s really exciting that they are actually incorporating music into the show. I’m very thankful that they allowed me to play my guitar, and do my thing. Hopefully, they incorporate that more, which I believe they are going to. I can’t be any more thankful, because this is what I do in my personal life, as well. And, what a blast working with Kassie. She’s great!”

Moss was recently seen at The Viper Room with his band, “Eyes of One.” The group has been together for almost a year, and competed recently in “Battle of the Bands” at Universal Citywalk.

“We are now advancing to the next round. We actually have been going back and forth to Vegas, and discussing a few things with a couple of people out there. The band is taking off, and I’m very excited for it. We’ve been getting some steady progress, which has been a blast!”

Make sure to check out the band’s website at and follow them on Twitter at: @EyesofOne_.

Also, follow Casey Moss on Twitter at: @1CaseyMoss.

Make sure to check out the full podcast with Casey Moss below, and watch him weekdays on “Days of our Lives” on NBC.

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