Podcast #569: Kassie DePaiva of NBC’s “DAYS OF OUR LIVES”

Kassie DePaiva
Kassie DePaiva

One of the most popular daytime actresses is now turning heads in Salem. Kassie DePaiva sat down with us at THE BUZZ to chat about her role as Eve Donovan on NBC Daytime’s “Days of our Lives.”

Soap audiences fell in love with DePaiva (then Wesley) when she first started in daytime in 1986 on “Guiding Light” as Chelsea Reardon. After leaving the soap in 1991, she would soon breathe life into the role of Blair Cramer on “One Life to Live,” where she played the part from 1993-2013.

Fans soon fell in love with DePaiva’s portrayal of Eve, the vixen who proves daily that she can still use her dirty tricks when necessary.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to play Eve, and I am glad it’s working. Eve is definitely not a pleasant person. I think she is the Queen of Miserable. *laughs* However, there is a soft spot for her daughter, Paige. That will drive Eve to do just about anything. I think that is the whole point of Eve’s existence in Salem. She wants to make sure that her daughter has a better life than she did.”

One of the concepts that I find interesting is how the show managed to incorporate Kassie’s and Casey Moss’ (JJ Devereaux) singing talents. We got to speak with her about this concept as well:

“We get to see a different side of Eve through her music. As much as she really hates that JJ is in Paige’s life, they (Eve and JJ) have that common ground with their music and love for Paige. I thought they were nicely written scenes because it gave a connection between those two characters that you don’t get to see. Eve is really trying to take JJ down.”

One of DePaiva’s recent projects that she worked on last year was the independent film, “We Are What We Are,” a horror film which starred former “All My Children” star, Ambyr Childers. Kassie spoke with us on what it was like filming this movie:

“I had just been offered my second round of air shows to film for ‘General Hospital.’ This was an independent film that was shot up in the Catskills, and I know I was cast based on the popularity of my character in the 1987 film, ‘Evil Dead 2.’ Once you are a part of the horror film genre, you kind of are remembered. When I went in to audition for it, I basically said, ‘Please, let me do this part!’ It was a small role, but it was really fun. It was a physically challenging part because I had to drown and spit up black vial. *laughs*”

We spoke more with Kassie about working with her cast members at “DAYS,” plus much more on our full podcast with the actress.

You can find Kassie on Twitter at: @KassieDePaiva.

Also, visit her official website at: http://www.kassiedepaiva.com

To download the full podcast with Kassie DePaiva, click on the player below:

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