Podcast #534: L.A. Rock Band NEVERWONDER!

NEVERWONDER: Vincent Ramos, Scott Ramsay, Alima Soul, and Andres Ramos
NEVERWONDER: Vincent Ramos, Scott Ramsay, Alima Soul, and Andres Ramos

L.A. rock band NEVERWONDER takes their blend of hard rock, R&B, and soul into new heights. The band consists of Alima Soul (lead singer), Scott Ramsay (guitar), Andres Ramos (drums), and Vincent Ramos (bass). We spoke with Alima, Andres, and Vincent about the concept behind the band’s name:

“There are things in life that happen that goes right, and things that don’t go right. The positive things in life is that you don’t wonder about what could have been. You can’t change that. So, you never wonder about the past, and you just move forward.”

While the band has been together for quite sometime, Alima joined the ranks of lead vocalist almost two years ago. We got to speak about how she came to join NEVERWONDER, and how the group came to life:

“We put the band together a couple years before Alima came to join it. We put a couple albums out. Just as we talked about the name ‘NEVERWONDER,’ it didn’t work out with those previous band members, and we wish them all the best in the world. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out the way you anticipate. However, when one door closes, another opens. Meeting Alima was a great thing. She is a talented woman and a great singer.”

We spoke more about the band’s musical influences and the songwriting process. Also, in the band is set to perform at the L.A. Run Rock N Roll Marathon on October 27, and will soon perform back-to-back gigs for the Las Vegas Run Rock N Roll Marathon on November 16 and 17.

Visit the band’s website at http://www.neverwonder.com, and check out the latest info from the group. From there, you can check out their Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and YouTube pages.

To download the full podcast with NEVERWONDER, click on the player below:

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