Podcast #533: Music Artist ELLEE VEN!

Ellee Ven
Ellee Ven

Ellee Ven, born Jessica Lazaro Kunin, is a songstress who has given her own brand of music a new name entitled, “groovetonics.” With a mix of pop, funk, and electronica, the music artist continues to share her strengths and ideas on how others can pave their way by following their passion(s). Ellee Ven stopped by to chat with us about her music inspirations, and how she came up with the name of “Ellee Ven”:

“I…got engaged after four days, and then married after four months to the wrong guy. My mom swooped me out of that town and put me in this apartment of 11-11. It took on a different meaning because I felt I was aligning myself with someone who didn’t want me to go forward on my path. When I got into apartment 11-11, and it was really great. It wasn’t immediate change, as I was working in a school where the mother-in-law worked at, and it completely changed my life in a day. The energy of the apartment, though, was magical. There’s nothing more to lose at this point. I always wanted to do my thing, but it feels like an indulgent sort of path as it is competitive. I was not going to think about that. I am gonna be a divorcee, and I am going to pursue my music.’ That is when all the fun began.”

Celebrating its 11th anniversary is the charity event that Ellee Ven organizes called, “GIVEINTOTHEGROOVE.” We spoke with the artist on how this came to light originally in 2002:

“It was very hard to get hooked with the right acts , I found, as an independent musician. You’re wasting time as well as money. My music has evolved quite a bit. However, I wanted to create a night where people who love my music would come and say, ‘This is a really fun club experience.’ As a music lover, I don’t love all club gig nights and how it works out. As you work hard to promote yourself anyway, why not create a night that is really fun, draw attention to a good crowd, AND maximize my relationships and what it means to be an artist. It started off small, and it got better after time.”

 Fans can learn more about “GIVEINTOTHEGROOVE” at: http://elleeven.wix.com/giveintothegroove

We spoke more with Ellee Ven about how she came up with the name, “groovetonics,” as well as her music inspirations, and her words of wisdom for anyone wanting to follow their passion.

Visit http://www.elleeven.com/home.html for more information on our guest, and follow Ellee Ven on Twitter:@elleeven

To download the full audio podcast with Ellee Ven, click on the player below:

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