Daytime Emmy Creative Arts Interviews: Sr. VP of CBS Daytime Angelica McDaniel

Angelica McDaniel
Angelica McDaniel

The Buzz attended the Creative Arts Emmy Awards for Daytime on Friday, June 20, 2014. The ceremony took place at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, CA.

Angelica McDaniel serves as the Sr. Vice President of CBS Daytime, and has held the position for the past two years. Since joining the ranks of CBS, she has been able to construct a synergy between all of the daytime shows on the network. CBS Daytime also allows fans to be a part of the day to day aspects of these shows by hosting live chats and more on social media. We spoke with McDaniel on how this all comes together:

“It starts at the top with me, my executive team, executive producers, all the way down to every cast and crew member. At the end of the day, we all want to succeed. We want to do great content for the viewers. We rise and fall together. What’s good for one show is good for ALL of the shows. It’s about having that group mentality, because one show is a lead-in to the next. Again, we start the day off strong, and it trickles up. It’s easy to accomplish when you have a cheerleader to rally the troops and say, ‘We’re one big family. Let’s do this together.’ Everyone has followed to the beat of the drum. We’re very lucky that way.”

“The Talk” had its annual Daytime Emmy After-Party Special on June 23, 2014, to celebrate this year’s winners from all the networks. We spoke with Angelica about supporting ALL remaining soaps on the air and wanting them to survive.

“Every year, the soap stars from the other networks go, ‘I can’t believe that when my rep called, they told me CBS’ THE TALK wanted me if I won!’ It’s just about supporting the genre. There are only four soaps left in this strong genre, and we really have to do what we can to support one another. This isn’t a war. This is about doing what it takes to keep these remaining shows on the air.”

This year marked the first year that the Daytime Emmys streamed online only, as it was not able to find a television deal. McDaniel gave us her thoughts on that, as well.

“I have to say, I’m really sad. I look forward to seeing them back on television. TVGN did make a nice offer, and unfortunately, NATAS was not able to work it out with them. I’m part of the CBS corporation, so it wasn’t my place to swoop in and claim the awards when my family was already trying to get them. Hopefully, next year, they will be on TVGN and it will be the resurgence of the Daytime Emmy Awards!”

Watch the full video interview with Angelica McDaniel below, as we talked more about the resurgence of the daytime drama as well:

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