Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception Interviews: Katie Caprio & Tiffany Michelle of “DeVanity”

Katie Caprio & Tiffany Michelle
Katie Caprio & Tiffany Michelle

The Buzz attended the Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception at the London – West Hollywood, where the daytime community celebrated this year’s nominees. We spoke to several of the attendees on the red carpet.

Katie Caprio (Bianca DeVanity) and Tiffany Michelle (Scarlett Kane) starred in the hit soap web series, “DeVanity.” The show was nominated for the first time in the “New Approaches” category. The actresses spoke about how the show has progressed for the four seasons it has been online, and leading up to this point. We even found what I felt was the most shocking “DeVanity” moment.

Watch the interview with the ladies below:

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