Daytime Emmy Awards Interviews: DeVanity Cast

Katie Apicella, Kelly Portier, Barbi Caruso & Michael Caruso
Katie Apicella, Kelly Portier, Barbi Caruso & Michael Caruso

The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards took place on Sunday, June 22, 2014 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. For the first time ever, the ceremony was broadcast on an Internet livestream with no commercial interruption.

Michael Caruso, Barbi Caruso, Kelly Portier, and Katie Apicella star and produce the Internet websoap, “DeVanity.” The show, which one Best Online Soap at this year’s Hollyweb Award Festival, was nominated for “New Approaches: Drama” at the Daytime Emmys.

We spoke with the cast about the creation of the series, and also if we could see a DeVanity reunion down the road. Michael also spoke about a new soap he is working on that will be making its online debut sometime soon.

Watch the video interview below:

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