Podcast #552: Musician and Composer TYLER TRABAND

Tyler Traband
Tyler Traband

Tyler Traband is an award winning musician, composer, and singer/songwriter. Most of his work can be heard in television commercials, and currently in the IMAX film, “Chasing Ghost Particle: From the South Pole to the Edge of the Universe.” Traband has written and worked for top notch brands across the country including: Citgo, Coca-Cola, Kohler, MTV, plus much more.

Traband has released his sixth album, entitled, “Love Songs Hate Songs.” It consists of 14 tracks, and is described of having the elements of live recordings of Stevie Wonder, Sting and Peter Gabriel. Nominated for 17 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards, he received his ninth nomination for best keyboardist in the state in 2013.

“Chasing Ghost Particle” is a documentary that tells the story of how a team of international scientists came together to make a telescope out of 1 billion tons of Antartic Ice. We talked about the process of composing the music for this film, as well as how commercial underscores eventually come together.

We also spoke more on his piece that he wrote for Broadcasting & Cable, and how he first began when doing commercial work. Find out what it was like for Traband to sing the National Anthem, and our favorite music pieces.

To visit Tyler Traband’s official website, visit: http://www.tylertraband.net

To view “Chasing Ghost Particle”, visit: http://www.fddb.org/shows/chasing-the-ghost-particle-from-the-south-pole-to-edge-of-the-universe/

Download the full podcast with Tyler Traband below:

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