“DeVanity” Episode 4: Lies, Manipulations and Revelations

BiCUQ5_CQAEadwXIn this past week’s episode of “DeVanity,” Jason gets a visit from his mother (or so we thought), he and Andrew get into a fight of “DYNASTY” proportions, and Scarlett and Portia have their first confrontation.

We learn that Portia married Andrew Regis, and divorced Preston. Also, Preston is staying at Jason’s home, and still as vile as ever. Andrew and Jason have a confrontation about his sudden marriage to Portia, as well as hinting what could take a turn for Andrew. Jason’s mother comes by to give him the shares at Regis, but we soon learn that this was not his mother at all. It was a woman that Preston hired to throw Jason off the scent. Little did Preston know was that Jason was listening the whole time, so our favorite DeVanity has the upper hand.

Watch this week’s soapy goodness of an episode below with Andrea Evans and Kyle Lowder making guest appearances:

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