ATX TV Festival Interviews: Director of Hollywood, Health & Society Program KATE FOLB

The Buzz recently attended the 13th season of the ATX TV Festival. Taking place in Austin, TX, this event celebrates the best in television with panel discussions, screenings of current and upcoming programs, and even table readings. What sets it apart from the rest is the opportunity to connect with other TV lovers and appreciate the medium.

I had the chance to speak with Kate Folb, director of the Hollywood, Health & Society program from USC’s Anneberg’s Norman Lear Center. The program provides entertainment industry professionals with free expert information on all aspects of health, safety and security, through expert consultations and briefings, panel discussions, tip sheets and more. Folb and I discussed how long the program has been an ATX TV Festival sponsor and their script readings that occurred during the weekend. We touched on sensitive topics including abortion and mental health. This was a first time experience where I was also able to share with Folb my mental health struggles as she provided that safe space.

The BUZZ wanted to provide information that if or anyone you know is struggling with mental health, here are some statistics and resources at your disposal. You are not alone, and you can always use us as a level of support.

Please visit Press Release: Norman Lear Center Research and Mental Health: Lear Center Shifting Minds to view summaries and reports that HH&S have released regarding mental health.

Watch the interview with Kate Folb below:

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