BUZZCast Flashback: Lauren Cohan of “The Walking Dead”

As we revisit some of our favorite podcasts, here is another one from 10 years ago. We had the chance to speak with Lauren Cohan, who played Maggie on the hit AMC series, “The Walking Dead.” She currently stars alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan in its spinoff, “The Walking Dead: Dead City.”

We got to talk with Lauren about scenes that have aired, including the episodes where Glenn and Maggie were kidnapped by The Governor and Merle:

“It was scary, and it was painful for Maggie and Glenn being on the other side of the wall. Going out on the road to gain space and have that great scene where they get the duck and baby formula, you think everything is going to be OK. You have this couple who is in love, and then all of a sudden, it turns into turmoil. That was a pretty intense scene to shoot where you hear Glenn getting beat up on the other side of the wall. You definitely see that Maggie is pretty sheltered up until this point. She’s a good Southern girl that lives with her family on a farm. That scene, I think, was important because that is what would happen in that world. You would see characters like The Governor exacting revenge and power. It was scary to shoot in that sense, but the payoff was worth it because you have the lovers reunited and everything is going to be all right.”

Take a listen of the BUZZCast with Lauren Cohan by clicking on the player above!

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