BUZZCast Interviews: Blake Berris of “Days of our Lives”

Blake Berris/Photo Credit: Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

The BUZZ had the chance to catch up with “Days of our Lives” star, Blake Berris. The actor returned to the soap in a new role, Everett Lynch, and there is still a mystery surrounding him. Who is Everett? Who is Bobby Stein? What connects him to Jada and Stephanie? Berris told us to stay tuned and watch what happens when they, “poke the bear,” so to speak.

We also spoke with him about how he had the chance to return to “DAYS” in a new role. Fans would remember him from playing the character of Nick Fallon. We were able to see Nick turn from nerdy teen to a semi-villainous man. Berris spoke that the two characters of Nick and Everett are very different.

Find out what it has been like to work alongside Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans, working on the AMC series, “Breaking Bad,” and his thoughts on the Horton House fire. We then shared some wonderful thoughts and memories of the late Bill Hayes, who played Doug Williams.

Listen in on this fun chat (I cannot even call it an interview because it really was a chat with an old friend) by downloading and clicking on the player above.

Follow Blake Berris on Instagram at: @blakeberris.

“Days of our Lives” streams new episodes weekday mornings on Peacock.

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