BUZZCast Interviews: “House of Ninjas” Showrunner DAVE BOYLE

Dave Boyle

The BUZZ had the chance to speak with the showrunner of the Netflix series, “House of Ninjas,” Dave Boyle. The show premiered on the streaming network on February 15th, and it follows a family of ninjas that were trying to get accustomed to living a normal life. However, a threat to their family calls them back to action. 

We spoke with Boyle on how and when the show was created, with the concept coming from Kento Kaku, who plays Haru in the series. Hear our thoughts on the many fight scenes that occur during the series. Also, find out what we had to say on the breakout characters, including Oki, played by Tokio Emoto, and Ayame, played by Bambi Naka.

What can happen in a potential season 2? We also quickly spoke about where can this story now lead after the twist that occurred in the season finale.

“House of Ninjas” is available for streaming now on Netflix. 

Watch the video interview with Dave Boyle below, or download the podcast above.

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