BUZZCast Interviews: Director Rebecca Coley of “Point of Change”

Rebecca Coley

As the BUZZ continues with its coverage of the 39th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, we got to speak with Rebecca Coley, who directed the documentary, “Point of Change.” The story follows two surfers finding the the perfect wave on the island of Nias, but what they discover is far from perfect.

We spoke with Coley about how she became involved with the project, and she also told us about her story of being a surfer. We also talked about how this film does not just speak from a surfer’s perspective but also showcase many themes and elements that does reach a broader audience.

One of the aspects we did get to speak on was how the music composition in the film really brought out the the scenes in the documentary. Coley also shared her thoughts on having the documentary be a part of SBIFF and the fan reaction during the premiere screenings.

Watch the video interview with Rebecca Coley below, or download the podcast from above.

The 39th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival concludes this Saturday, February 17th.

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