BUZZCast Interviews: Linsey Stewart & Dane Clark Chat “SUZE”

Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart

Our coverage of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) continues with Linsey Stewart and Dane Clark, who wrote and directed the movie, “SUZE.” The story follows a mother who has to adjust to empty-nest syndrome, on top of a divorce, and caring for someone she cannot stand. This leads her into a journey of self-discovery and understanding that she never had before.

As we spoke with Clark and Stewart, we spoke about how this movie can be also classified as a, “coming of age,” film, even though we sometimes relegate that term to younger people. We also dove into how the concept was conceived and the inspiration behind it. Another piece we talked on was how this could relate to many who watch the film who are going through kids not wanting to be around their parents, as well as the standout performance of Charlie Gillespie as Gage.

“SUZE” is set to premiere at SBIFF on Saturday, February 10th, with an encore screening on Sunday, February 11th.

Watch the video interview with Linsey Stewart and Dane Clark below, or download the podcast above.

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