Robert Scott Wilson Celebrates 10 Years in Daytime!

Robert Scott Wilson/Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ten years in daytime can be no easy feat. For this actor, however, he is enjoying the ride. Fan favorite Robert Scott Wilson is celebrating 10 years in the daytime scope. Currently, he can be seen playing the role of Alex Kiriakis on the soap, “Days of our Lives.” Prior to this, he was seen in the role of Ben Weston on the serial. Wilson even was the first ever male model on the CBS game show, “The Price is Right.” However, soap fans first got to see him play Petey Cortlandt on the web version of, “All My Children.”

Before he became a soap staple, Wilson was seen in music videos for Victoria Justice, as well as background in episodes of, “How I Met Your Mother.” The name of the game changed when Wilson joined “DAYS” in the role of Ben Weston; especially when the character became the Red Necktie Serial Killer. The character would later go through a redemption story, and fall in love with Ciara Brady, and the couple would soon become a fan favorite.

His popularity would continue into his new role on the show: Alex Kiriakis. Alex’s world has turned upside down, and he is finding love in all the wrong places in Theresa Donovan. Of course, this proves interesting when you fall for the bad ones!

One of our previous interview with Wilson featured us talking about bringing business storylines for the character of Alex, as it reminded us of Petey Cortlandt, to which Wilson loved portraying.

From the hero to the complex, Robert Scott Wilson has managed to capture that during his 10 years in the business. Here is to another 10 years!

What have been some of your favorite moments featuring Robert Scott Wilson?

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