“REVENGE” Spins Off into Graphic Novel

Revenge: The Origins of Emily Thorne Cover
Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne Cover

Three seasons in, and already a spin-off novel, “Schooled in Revenge,” that hit the bookstores, the ABC soap continues on an upswing. USA Today reports that Emily Thorne will take on her biggest quest yet as the character and TV series are spinning off into graphic novel form.

Marvel Comics’, “Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne,” is set to hit the comic book shops on September 3rd of this year, and is written by Ted Sullivan, who also writes for the actual TV series, and Erica Schultz. The story takes place years before Takeda’s prodigy set her sights on the Hamptons, and changing from her real persona of Amanda Clarke to Emily Thorne.

“Revenge” executive producer Sunil Nayar spoke on what regular viewers, as well as readers, can expect to see:

“The parts of the history we’re bursting to tell is the origin of the woman you see that shows up in the pilot, as differentiated from the girl who was thrown into (juvenile detention) when her dad was taken from her.”

Sullivan also adds that fans will experience when Emily gave her first “crocodile stare,” and what drew her to switch identities as well as why she doesn’t kill.

Artwork for the graphic novel was done by Vicenzo Balzano and Dustin Nguyen.

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