SDCC 2023 BUZZCast Interviews Part 1: Chuck Blevins & Deirdre Cross of FUNKO Games, and Hector Arce & Peter Santa-Maria of MONDO

Chuck Blevins, Director of Marketing, Funko Games

The Buzz had the chance to attend its first Comic Con in San Diego this July, and what a cultural phenomenon! From the cosplay to the exhibits, it was a thrill to have the opportunity to connect with so many people that share similar tastes in comics, television, and more! We had the chance to attend some off sites, activation events, and parties that allowed us to interview those in attendance.

We kick the first part of our interviews with Chuck Blevins, Director of Marketing, for Funko Games. The Buzz chatted with Blevins at the Rooftop Tabletop Party about Funko Games exclusives, including, “Star Wars: Rivals,” and the Indiana Jones game which honors the very first movie of the franchise. We also reveal a new Funko Game set to arrive later this year!

Deirdre Cross, Head of Funko Games/Photo Credit: Eric Goldstein

Next, we have Deirdre Cross, Head of Funko Games, to speak about the SCREAM Funko Game. Yes, I got to play this one, and it is AMAZING! Roger Jackson, the voice of Ghostface, also is the voice of him in the game. We also spoke about the premise of, “Star Wars: Rivals,” and about how each Funko Game is different from one another.

Hector Arce & Peter Santa-Maria of MONDO/Photo Credit: Eric Goldstein

Finally, we made our way to the MONDO booth, and spoke with Hector Arce, the spokesman for Vinyls, and Peter Santa-Maria, the spokeman for collectibles and posters. We definitely fanboyed a bit as the exclusive they revealed was Prince Adam from, “Masters of the Universe,” and we talked more about the franchise as a whole! You will find out who our favorite characters are!

Stay tuned for Part 2…

You can download and listen to the podcast by clicking on the player above!

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