SDCC 2023 BUZZCast Interviews: Jeff Wamester & Jeremy Adams of “Justice League: Warworld”

Jeremy Adams

The BUZZ had the chance to attend its first Comic Con in San Diego last week. The experience was overwhelming, but in the best way possible. From cosplay, panels, and amazing booths and parties, the team got to take it all in with interviews in the process.

Jeff Wamester

Kicking off the interviews for, “Justice League: Warworld,” are Jeff Wamester and Jeremy Adams. Wamester, who directed the animated film, talked about what attracted him to the Tomorrowverse. He also spoke about the different aspects that Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman have to face in Warworld.

Adams, one of the screenwriters, talked about the process to come up with the storylines for each of the main characters, plus his favorite of the scenarios in the film.

Watch the video interview with Jeff Wamester and Jeremy Adams below:

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