“GENERAL HOSPITAL” Teasers: Week of February 10

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Here is a brief look at what’s ahead in the town of Port Charles on “General Hospital”:

-Morgan goes to Ava with a suggestion. AJ begins to remember more about the night that Connie was murdered. A discovery is made by a couple of people in Port Charles.

-The plan to save Carly goes terribly wrong. Morgan confronts Sonny and informs him that Ava wants to change sides. Alexis demands for Silas’ release if Anna will not charge him.

-Several folks are injured in Carly’s rescue attempt, and they fight to save their lives. Anna talks with Silas and gives him important information. AJ suspects that Connie is the only one who can give him answers about the night she was shot.

-The citizens of Port Charles celebrate Valentine’s Day. Couples celebrate love, life, romance, while others deal with pain, sorrow, and anguish.

-As Valentine’s Day continues, Duke tries to patch things up with Anna. TJ and Molly plan a study date together. Sonny and Olivia, as well as Morgan and Ava, plan to spend a romantic evening with each other. Liz and Britt have it out, and Liz threatens to tell Nikolas the truth about Ben if Britt won’t.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC Daytime.

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