BUZZCast Flashback Interview: FINN WITTROCK!

Our BUZZCast Flashback series continues as we showcase this Emmy nominated actor in an interview that took place originally in 2010.

Finn Wittrock has been known to many audiences for his work in the FX, “American Horror Story,” anthology series. His work on the show garnered him his first Primetime Emmy Award nomination. It was announced that Wittrock will be headlining the HBO Max, “Green Lantern,” series as Guy Gardner. Wittrock was the first actor to be cast for the show, and the character of Guy is described as, “a hulking mass of masculinity, and, as rendered in the comics, an embodiment of 1980s hyper-patriotism. And yet, Guy is somehow likable.”

In this flashback interview, Wittrock was currently portraying the role of Damon Miller on the ABC Daytime soap, “All My Children,” at the time.

Take a listen to this interview from 11 years ago below!

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