Dominic Zamprogna Open and Ready to Bring Dante Falconeri Back to “General Hospital”

Dominic Zamprogna

Fans have missed the presence of Dante Falconeri in Port Charles, as well as its portrayer, Dominic Zamprogna. The actor recently told Soaps in Depth that he is more than willing to return to, “General Hospital,” when the show resumes production.

“[Executive Producer] Frank [Valentini] knows I am ready to come home, and I’d be totally open to a contract. There’s so much potential with the character and the story right now. With everything they’ve done since Dante’s been gone, there are so many options, and they’d all be fun to play.”

Zamprogna first began his trek at “GH” in June 2009, and would leave the show shy of his tenth year. He would return for the Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) standalone episode, and to wrap up Dante’s story in 2019.

While he has been away, Zamprogna still keeps in touch with some of his former co-stars at the ABC Daytime soap.

“Since last September, I started to really feel the pull back — because “GH” is a huge part of my life. I called Maurice a couple of weeks ago and honestly, almost cried. I love that place, I love those people, and I love that job.”

Would you be open for Dante Falconeri and Dominic Zamprogna to be back in Port Charles and, “General Hospital?”

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