Daytime Emmys to Go Remote!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave uncertainty for many, one of the questions that was asked was, “Will the Daytime Emmy Awards go forth?” It was previously announced that the ceremony was canceled this year, and no word yet how the awards would be distributed.

Variety broke news that this year’s Emmy season will be done remotely. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences are now working on ways to produce remote video segments for the ceremony.

NATAS President and CEO Adam Sharp released this statement:

“The most important factors for us are twofold: To properly recognize the talents and achievements of those in our community and to do it in a safe way. With those things in mind, we recognize that putting a thousand people or more into a room anytime this year was not going to satisfy the second prong of that test. And so, it became, take the auditorium gatherings off the table and focus all our energies on priority number one, recognizing excellence.”

While a date has not been set yet, the Emmy Awards are looking at a possible date close to the fall. Also, nominees are expected to be announced in mid-May.

The article also goes on to explain that Sharp will be trying to decipher what elements of the show will be pre-taped, and what can be done live. However, this will get more in depth after the final nominations are announced.

What was interesting to note was that with the practice of pre-taped segments, including winner announcements, will be tricky to handle. After all, it runs the possibility of potentially being leaked earlier than anticipated.

More to come when details are released on this year’s Daytime Emmys. What do you think of the latest developments so far?

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