Daytime Emmys to Air on Streaming App from NATAS

The Daytime Emmy Awards has found a new broadcast home, which is set to be unveiled in time for the actual ceremony this June. Variety has announced that The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will debut a streaming platform on its own website.

The streaming service is set to launch in the first quarter of 2020, and will be available for the Technology and Engineering Emmys in April, and the Sports Emmys in May.

While the platform has yet to have a name and an official date announced, the new over-the-top platform is currently being worked on to have availability on Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire Stick, and Android TV.

NATAS President and CEO, Adam Sharp, had this to say about the streaming service:

“We were making it available on PCs and mobile in a clunky way, but with the Emmys OTT app available on any platform, if you want to watch on your phone you can watch on your phone. You want to watch on your TV, you can watch on your TV. And really be accessible to the audience. Wherever they are consuming the shows, we’re on it.”

According to Sharp, the platform will contain past award ceremonies. Also, the service is free, and will contain no commercials or ads for the time being.

The Daytime Emmy Awards has been making some changes for the upcoming season. One of those changes include that the ceremony will take place over a course of three nights. Also, the Younger categories will now be combined into one.

Throughout the years, the Daytime Emmy Awards has been seen on television in daytime, primetime, and most notably, online. While the ceremony was broadcast on several major social media platforms in recent years, this is the first year that the show will be broadcast on the over-the-top streaming service.

The 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will take place in Pasadena, CA, on June 12, 13, and 14th.

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