BUZZCast #606: CEO and National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences President Adam Sharp

CEO and President of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences; Adam Sharp

The Buzz had the pleasure of speaking with the new CEO and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences President, Adam Sharp. Sharp was the former Head of News, Government, and Elections on Twitter.

Previously, it was announced that the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will consist of three nights worth of ceremonies. Another change that was announced months prior was the elimination of the, “Younger Actress and Actor,” categories respectively. This coming year, we will see the category combined and form the non-gendered, “Younger Performer in a Drama Series.”

Sharp had this to say after we had asked about the addition of a third night of the Daytime Emmy ceremony in the coming year:

“Over the years, several other areas of daytime have grown considerably. That has been especially true from the last few years with the advent of streaming. When we look at something like children’s programming, that is not limited to 3 hours on a Saturday morning, you’re seeing explosions of new entrants and programming being created. That was all getting crammed into the Friday night ceremony. It has three times as many categories as Sunday, and it was so rushed. We really wanted to make sure that every talent that we are honoring is getting their appropriate moment in the sun, and getting their turn in the spotlight. The Primetime Emmy Awards added a third night a few years ago for the same reason. They had great success with that, so, we took their lead. What that means is you are still going to have a night that focuses heavily on the dramas, and one night that is heavily focused on the technical craft. A lot of those growth areas of programming that steeped into Friday are going to pull out and breathe more on the third night.”

During the course of the interview, we also spoke about the change to the Younger category, and how that came into play for the coming year. Also, we learned of a few other changes for the nominating process for submission.

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The Daytime Emmy Awards will be taking place on June 12, 13, and 14, 2020.

Stay tuned to The BUZZ as more information gets revealed.

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