Melody Thomas Scott’s 40th Anniversary Celebration at CBS Daytime!

(l-r) Hunter King, Gina Tognoni, Joshua Morrow, Lauralee Bell, Alice Hunter, Kate Linder, Christian LeBlanc, Melissa Ordway, Doug Davidson, Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, Sharon Case, Peter Bergman, Tracey Bregman, Jason Thompson, Bryton James, Michael Mealor

CBS Daytime hosted a fabulous celebration honoring Melody Thomas Scott’s 40th anniversary at, “The Young and the Restless.” February 20, 1979, the actress began her turn in the role of young teen, Nikki Reed. Within those 40 years, Nikki has had her share of troubles, but she found love along the way.

Fellow cast members took part in the festivities, giving speeches and letting everyone know why Thomas Scott was a treasure to the show and cast. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) acknowledged their long relationship side by side at the show for the past 39 years. Peter Bergman shared a touching story on how Thomas Scott got him the job as Jack Abbott. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) gave us 13 facts we may not have known about Melody. Finally, Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman) recited a poem, or was it a rap, about Melody’s 40th year.

The actress finally took the stage, and gave us a speech thanking the fans, the press, the show, and everyone in-between. From the moment she began to speak, I think I felt a few tears come down my cheek. The epitome of class and elegance, Melody Thomas Scott proved she is truly a sensation.

The celebration had a wonderful crossword puzzle lemon cake that Thomas Scott designed herself, and had some familiar faces pop by. Two of the biggest surprises that appeared were J. Eddie Peck (ex-Cole Howard) and Robert Parucha (ex-Matt Miller). The celebration was indeed a trip down memory lane.

“Y&R” aired a special stand-alone episode that day which featured Melody, as Nikki, in a jail cell writing a letter to her grandchildren. This episode featured many classic clips that had not been seen since they originally aired. It gave viewers the chance to see how Nikki overcame many obstacles growing up in Genoa City. However, one thing never changed; and that is her love for Victor.

One of the many storylines that stick out, and when I began watching immensely, was Nikki’s alcohol addiction, which began in 1991. As I recall, Nikki fell off of a horse, and injured her back. Thus, it began her downward spiral. From there, I fell in love with the character. Also, one couldn’t help but notice how Nikki was still drawn to Victor, even though she was married to Jack.

I have so many memories, as many viewers and fans do, I’m sure. And The BUZZ would love to hear what your favorite Melody/Nikki moments were. Definitely sound off below!

Enjoy also some photos from the celebration below as The BUZZ went to celebrate this milestone.

Here’s to another 40 years, Melody Thomas Scott!

Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott
Angelica McDaniel and Melody Thomas Scott
Lauralee Bell, Melody Thomas Scott, and Doug Davidson
J. Eddie Peck, Melody Thomas Scott, and Robert Parucha
Jason Canela and Melody Thomas Scott
Melody Thomas Scott
Tracey Bregman, Melody Thomas Scott, and Christian LeBlanc
Michael Graziadei, Melody Thomas Scott, Greg Rikaart, and Bryton James

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