Meet the Newest Avant! Adain Bradley Joins Cast of “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Adain Bradley

Looks like the Avant family is not only gaining a new member, but one can hope this means we will see the family front and center again. Adain Bradley is joining the cast of CBS Daytime’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

According to TV Insider, Bradley will be playing the role of Alexander Avant, Julius Avant’s newphew, which would make him Nicole and Maya’s cousin. The character of Alexander is half-British, and was raised in England by Julius’ brother and his wife. He comes to Los Angeles looking for his American family, and has a big secret in tow.

Bradley’s previous television credits include a role on the CW hit series, “Riverdale.”

Look for Adain Bradley to make his debut as Alexander Avant on June 12th.

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