Podcast #609: Daniel Goddard of CBS Daytime’s “The Young and the Restless”

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Throughout the past year, Daniel Goddard has had some meaty material to play with on, “The Young and the Restless.” From a possible one night stand in Japan, at war with Billy Abbott, and even stealing from his own twins’ tuition funds, Cane has had a whirlwind of a year. Fans also have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on when will Cane and Lily finally reunite, as well as their recent episodes featuring flashbacks to the couple’s finer moments.

Goddard spoke with us about putting in the time and effort into his storyline from within the past year, and what it has done for him personally:

“The story has resonated well, which is good because I put a lot of time and effort into tracking it. When you go through a head writer change during mid-story, you need to track your story well. You read Twitter feeds and Instagram comments, and they say, “We want to see this, and not that. Here is what we want…” If you watch a lot of Mal (Young)’s writing, he allows it to have what the fans what they want with his twist on it. It was interesting to go through the story this past year. I harken back and say that it was emotionally exhausting. It ran me down. That being said, I like to try to make it real and honest as much as I can. You saw the man going through that, and what he did, then the fallout…it was almost like the year when we did the Lily cancer story. Lily developed ovarian cancer, and had the hysterectomy, and that was an exhausting storyline, too. It took so much out of you. Unlike movies where you shoot it for three months, then take some time off in-between. Yes, you have to promote the movie, but you can move away from it. It’s tough when it lasts a year. That one last four years. This one is lasting a year, with the conclusion coming near the end of February. It’s a lot.”

As we continued, Goddard talked with us also about the recent episodes that aired with the characters of Cane and Lily going to Paris, and how that came about:

“It was really cool. Mal came up to me, and say, ‘Listen, I have this great storyline we are doing.’ So, he tells me the episode, about Lily going to Paris, and Cane going after her, and I said to him, ‘The fans are going to freak out!’ That is what he understands, too. You have a couple who have been together for almost eleven years now, and he gets it. He knows what he is doing. It was fun to play, though. It was fun to have those flashbacks. I had two episodes that day, or maybe three. All the stuff you saw in that suite, with Billy on the phone, Abby in the hallway, and all the stuff with Christel (Khalil) was done in the same day. I had either fourteen or fifteen scenes back-to-back, and I was first up that morning. Literally, I look at people like Amelia (Heinle), Sharon (Case), Bryton (James), Christel…day in and day out, these people consistently deliver. Jason (Thompson) is great! Gina (Tognoni) is great! Everyone’s good, but there are some people who learn it faster and easier than I do. I always look at people and go, ‘I don’t know how they do it.'”

We go further into the podcast where we talked more about his current storyline, what he has learned most within his 11 years at the show, plus the motivation behind “Cane’s Challenge” on his Instagram page.

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