BLOGCast: Jacob Young’s Performance at Tropicana Las Vegas!

Jacob Young/Photo Credit: Brad Everett Young

To say that I had a fantastic time in Vegas this past weekend was an understatement. The kick-off for Jacob Young’s performance at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana hotel was a success! So much support from his family, friends, and fans on both Sunday and Monday made it for an event to remember.

I like to think of his first show as the, “dress rehearsal.” There was definitely a lot of promotion from not just “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but Young did a lot of press in Vegas for the event. Most of the songs he performed were original content that he had written, as well as new songs fans have not heard before. Did I have a few favorites? Absolutely. His style is a mix of country (obviously) and rock. I personally loved the song he performed with his nephew, Austin, on stage. It was that moment when you caught yourself singing lyrics a song you never knew before. Crazy!

The song that was written and dedicated to his wife, Christen, was beautiful. The song, entitled, “We Danced,” tells the story of how the two first met. It was a beautiful, slow ballad, and it showed, even on Young’s face, just how much he loves his wife. Of course, I saw a lot of people seemed to love the song, “Whiskey Kiss.” I wonder why that is…

His second show on the following Monday…I don’t know what happened! Young was just completely on FIRE! No missteps, firing on all cylinders. He knocked it right out of the park, and more people delved right into the show. Amazing how Monday brought out more people than Sunday. I thought it would be reverse. However, amazing support from Young’s “B&B” family. From Casey Kasprzyk, Tony Ferrari, Cynthia Popp, Ann Willmott, and Karla Mosley, Monday’s show was one to be a part of. Young performed a couple new songs not heard in his first show, with him even changing the set list. He really brought down the house.

The band he performed with was amazing. Just a talented group of individuals. Austin certainly has the pipes! Jacob, you certainly did not lose any punch from performing at Super Soap Weekend, as well as on “All My Children.” Once he is into it, he is REALLY into it. I couldn’t have been more proud of him.

I can’t put into words about the performance. How can you, really? Most you will get and say would be, “You kicked ass!” Another phrase, “You killed it.” Did I say those words? I may have…I’ll never tell. I have a few snippets from some of his performances already posted to the Twitter and Instagram accounts, so you can get a taste of what Young has in store. I was just impressed. I knew he could sing, but hearing it in person is a whole other spectrum. When you watch an artist sing and perform in front of you, you become more in sync with them than you would on television. You feel the rush and excitement to want to jump up, clap, and sing along with the rest of the crowd. That is what Jacob Young brought to the table. Job well done.

Here’s to more performances in the future, and continued success. You did me proud!

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