SPECTRA is Back in a New Generation on “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Danube Hermosillo, Patrika Darbo, Courtney Hope, Alex Wyse/Photo Credit: John Paschal/jpistudios.com

Spectra is heading back to Los Angeles with new faces but the same attitude. “The Bold and the Beautiful” has brought back the competitive Spectra Fashions for a new generation. Last week, viewers noticed a check that was signed with the name, “Sally Spectra,” which left them wondering, “Sally? How?”

Fans will remember that even though the original portrayer of Sally (Darlene Conley) passed away, the character herself is off traveling somewhere around the world. Conley played the role from 1988-2006, and has had some memorable moments. Now, get ready for a new clan in town.

TV Insider’s Michael Logan reported who is coming on to the scene and what roles. Patrika Darbo, who is known for her many roles including Nancy Wesley on “Days of our Lives,” will be playing Shirley Spectra, Sally’s sister. Courtney Hope joins the cast as Shirley’s granddaughter/Sally’s grandniece. Alex Wyse comes to the cast as Saul, the original Saul’s grandson, and rounding out Spectra Fashions will be Danube Hermosillo as Darlita.

Also, look for Sally and Clarke Garrison’s (Daniel McVicar) son, C.J. (Mick Cain), to make a return. C.J. owns the building, and has no desire to bring back Spectra Fashions. However, here is the new team ready to take on the reigns.

What kind of trouble will the new Spectra get into? From what it looks like, the new Sally and Steffy will already pick up where the original Sally and Stephanie left off in their feud!

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