Hillary B. Smith Heads to General Hospital!

Hillary B. Smith

In a move that will shock and may please many fans, Hillary B. Smith is heading to Port Charles! What is interesting about this twist is that…she will possibly be playing Nora Buchanan!

A video was posted on the “General Hospital” official Facebook page, showcasing Rebecca Budig (Hayden) breaking the news. What was the shocking tidbit was that it was implied in the video that the actress will be playing the tough-as-nails lawyer that she originated on “One Life to Live” in 1992.

Smith is known to many daytime audiences from her work on “OLTL,” as well as her work on “As The World Turns” as Margo Hughes. She would win a Daytime Emmy Award for playing the role of Nora in 1994. Smith also had roles on the CBS Daytime soap, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and the Emmy winning web series, “Venice.” She also starred in the web series, “Fumbling thru the Pieces.”

Watch the video below. What do you think of the latest casting news?

One thought on “Hillary B. Smith Heads to General Hospital!

  1. While I LOVED Nora on OLTL I don’t think she is needed on GH. I think this is a case of bringing a character on just because you can now. Bo and Nora were daytime gold and to have Nora come on for anything other than a quick story dictated stint would ruin that because they would have to break them up. Also this opens the door for a flood of characters that aren’t needed to join an already over inflated cast. If ABC is so intent on using these characters they gained the rights back to why not combine OLTL and AMC and create a half hour soap based around the characters of the actors who are available instead of adding them in to a show that is already suffering from newbie overload. Not all GHers watched OLTL and AMC so all this is to them is yet another newbie. Plus we have 4 lawyers on the show as is, why do we need another one?

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