Tonja Walker to Return to “General Hospital”

Tonja Walker

Port Charles is about to welcome back a familiar face to its canvas. Tonja Walker is set to return to ABC Daytime’s “General Hospital.” Walker first was seen on the show as Olivia Jerome in 1988. The character was soon killed in 1990 by her brother, Julian Jerome (now played by William deVry).

Fans began to wonder if the show would bring Walker back as Olivia Jerome when it was announced that Maura West and deVry joined “GH” as Ava and Julian Jerome. However, it has not been said that will be the role she will play. Executive Producer Frank Valentini released a statement:

“We are very happy to be bringing Tonja back to GH.  While we can’t share what role she’ll be playing, we can guarantee that she’ll be shaking things up in Port Charles.”

As ABC required the rights back to its former soaps, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live,” rumors circulated online that Walker could even come to the show as Alex Olanov. Walker played Alex on “OLTL” on and off since 1991. She had a strong infatuation with Bo Buchanan, would soon marry his father, Asa, and give her bone marrow to save both of Todd Manning and Blair Cramer’s children! It would then be revealed toward the end of its run that Cutter Wentworth (Josh Kelly) was Alex’s son!

So much history between the two characters…will Tonja Walker be Olivia Jerome, Alex Olanov, or someone new altogether?

Look for the actress to return to “General Hospital” in early 2017.

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