Podcast #608: Bret Green from CBS’ “The Inspectors”

Bret Green
Bret Green

Bret Green stars as Preston Wainwright on the CBS series, “The Inspectors.” In the series, Preston is confined to a wheelchair due to a car accident which, in turn, killed his father. Not only is he determined to walk again, he also wants to join the USPIS (United States Postal Inspection Service).

Green gave his more insight to his character of Preston and made an interesting comparison to what shows put together make up the premise behind, “The Inspectors”:

“The show follows the Unites States Postal Inspectors. Think along the lines of ‘CSI’ with a little of ‘Boy Meets World.’ There are two different storylines that go on. You have the story that follows the Inspectors, which is more ‘CSI.’ Then, you have another story that follows my character and his friends. They are freshmen/sophomores in college. Whenever there is some sort of injustice on campus that needs to be resolved, it usually falls on their shoulders to take care of that.”

Green then delved into the relationship that Preston has with his mother on the series:

“They have a very interesting relationship. Imagine just being the kid in the house, as Preston is an only child. Mom and Dad ran the show, then suddenly Dad is taken away from you in a blink of an eye. All of a sudden, you’re 19 years old, and forced to grow up and be the man of the house. Nobody wants to be forced to grow up like that, so there is some tension. He feels some responsibility to look after his mom, and make sure she is taken care of. Obviously, she feels the same way. Now, dealing with a paraplegic son, you have to adjust your daily routine, and make sure he is taken care of. Both of them want their freedom back.”

Born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI, Green worked marketing in Arizona. Realizing that he had a bigger passion, he moved to Los Angeles, and would soon land gigs on such shows as, “How to Get Away with Murder” and “The Goldbergs.”

We spoke more with Green about transitioning from working in marketing to getting his acting start. Also, we spoke more on “The Inspectors” and other projects he has worked on.

Follow Bret Green on Twitter at: @bretjgreen.

“The Inspectors” airs every Saturday morning on CBS. Check local listings for times.

Download the full podcast interview with Bret Green below:

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