Podcast 607: Author of “The Bewitched Continuum,” Adam-Michael James

Adam-Michael James/Photo Credit: The Guardian/Sally Cole
Adam-Michael James/Photo Credit: The Guardian/Sally Cole

“Once upon a time, there was a typical American girl…who happened to bump into a typical American boy.” That was the first line ever uttered on a sitcom that debuted on ABC in 1964. Little did the boy know that the girl he would soon marry would turn out to be…a witch! “Bewitched” ran for eight seasons, and starred Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead, Dick Sargent, and David White.

Our recent guest on the Buzzcast was Adam-Michael James, the author of, “The Bewitched Continuum.” The book takes an extended look into each episode, describing the synopsis and some extra tidbits we may have missed when originally watching. Like Adam-Michael, I began watching the show at a very young age. His first episode was, “I confess,” which centered around Samantha putting a spell on Darrin where he dreamt he told everyone that his wife was a witch. Mine was the second part of, “George Washington Zapped Here,” where Esmeralda not only brought George back, but also his wife, Martha.

It literally blew my mind at how we both shared a common love for this show, which has not been off the air since its premiere 52 years ago. Since its cancellation in 1972, “Bewitched” has been seen in syndication ever since. We talked about our favorite episodes, characters, and even recited some lines from the show. Yes, folks..we are THAT serious about our show!

However, not only are we huge “Bewitched” fans, but also huge soap fans. Adam-Michael is also a contributor to Soap Central, where he writes weekly columns about CBS Daytime’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” He started watching the show in 1988, and would soon begin to watch the rest of the lineup shortly after.

For those wanting to purchase, “The Bewitched Continuum,” you can order it at Amazon.

Download the full podcast with Adam-Michael James below:


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