Teresa Castillo On “General Hospital” Exit: “It Was Definitely Bittersweet”

Teresa Castillo
Teresa Castillo

At the end of Wednesday’s episode of “General Hospital,” fans got the shock of their lives when Sabrina met her demise when the GH killer, Paul Hornsby, murdered her. However, according to Soap Digest, actress Teresa Castillo has been in the know for a while.

Castillo began playing the role of Sabrina in 2012, and was portrayed as a shy nursing student who was crushed on Dr. Patrick Drake. Her friendship with Felix and, later, her relationship with Michael would garner her even more fan appreciation.

The actress explained to SOD that she was notified about Sabrina’s death two and a half months ago when she was called in executive Producer Frank Valentini’s office. In spite of this exit, Castillo felt it was time to say goodbye.

“I think four years is just the right amount of time for me.”

What do you think of Sabrina’s death/Teresa’s exit?

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