“General Hospital” Teasers: Week of August 22nd

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Here’s what’s ahead for the residents of Port Charles this week on “General Hospital”:

-Ava comes up with a sinister plan. Liz receives a mysterious package. Nelle steps in to help Carly.

-Morgan and Sonny have a heart-to-heart. Liz turns to Franco for support. Kevin and Laura go out on a date.

-Molly attempts to broker peace between her mother and sister. Naomi receives a troubling phone call. Finn and Obrecht come to blows.

-Carly and Nelle grow closer. Andre gives Jordan some advice. Laura confronts Kevin.

-Liz grapples with a huge decision. Hayden discovers some bad news. A mother and daughter begin to make amends.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC Daytime.

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