Podcast #606: Charles Wilson and Derrick Hammond of “Her Little Secret”

Photo Credit: Derrick Hammond
Photo Credit: Derrick Hammond

Director Derrick Hammond and actor Charles Wilson stopped by The BUZZ to chat about the urban Indie film, “Her Little Secret.” Based off of the book by the same name, the story finds the character of Lerrez Crawford trying to rebuild her life after being released from juvenile hall. However, what she fails to realize is that her past will quickly come back to haunt her, and she must figure out what to do to keep her secrets buried.

Wilson plays the role of Jim, a man from Lerrez’s past from when she was a young girl, who molested/raped her. We spoke with him about how he got into acting, and when he first met Hammond. Hammond also talked with us about how Wilson got the role of Jim, and who blew him away on set. We also dived in on some other behind the scenes tidbits on filming the movie.

To learn more about “Her Little Secret,” visit the official Facebook page at: https://m.facebook.com/herlittlesecretthemovie/

“Her Little Secret” was produced by 20/20 Vizion Entertainment and Sleepy Eye Films.

Download the full podcast with Derrick Hammond and Charles Wilson below:

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