Penns Grove Native CHARLES WILSON Lands Role in “Her Little Secret”

herlittlesecretLocal Penns Grove native Charles Wilson stars in the latest Urban Indie Film, entitled, “Her Little Secret.” Based off of the novel of the same name, Lerrez Crawford (Taysha Brinson) finds herself in juvenile after suffering from a traumatic childhood, and getting involved with drug dealers.

Once released, Lerrez works to change her life around, and falls for rap music producer, Tommy Gunz (Leland B. Martin). Things seems to be going well for Lerrez, until her past comes back to haunt her. Just how far will she go to protect the secrets of her past…and who could be caught in the crossfire?

Wilson plays the role of Jim, a man from Lerrez’s past who appears to have molested her as a young girl. Wilson also had a role in the 2013 film, “Billy’s Cult.”

“Her Little Secret” was produced by 20/20 Vizion Entertainment and Sleepy Eye Films. The movie was directed by Derrick Hammond.

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Watch the trailer for the movie below!

One thought on “Penns Grove Native CHARLES WILSON Lands Role in “Her Little Secret”

  1. Charlie Wilson, was one of a kind in high school, straight class clown!! So proud of you. Class of 92, told you you could do it!

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