2013: A Retrospective

2013As some may know, around this time, I normally write a blog about what 2013 has brought to me. Each passing year, I learn more and more about daily existence. Some things I have learned is to never take a lot for granted. I even learned that you cannot take everything at face value. It’s complicated, it’s human, it helps to make one grow as a person. It may sound a bit complicated at the moment as I am not explaining everything as of yet, but give me time. I will.

I necessarily would never say that 2013 was an awful year for me. If anything, it was very eventful in a positive way. Of course, there are bumps in the road, but mistakes were made and I dealt with them as best I know how. An incident in particular was my trusting nature. Sure, it got abused and taken advantage of. It took me a long ass minute to realize just how I got played and sucked into a bold-faced lie. You know that feeling when you know something is amiss, yet you say nothing? I think that was what this was. Some acceptance, huh? I was only friends with this cat because of money. I thought I was helping, only turns out I was hurting myself. That bump quickly got ran over and on to better things. I learned who really was behind me, and only there just for something. I gots NO TIME fo’ dat!

Months have passed and I was still doing what comes naturally: working. HA! It does have a strain being the only one working and my mom still trying to find a job and make ends meet. However, it took me a while for me to finally make adjustments. Some things I want, I cannot have. Putting my house and family first is more important, and worth it more than material possessions.

The podcast part of me is still here. I don’t think I could ever give that up. I must not want to if I am still doing this after 7 years. I can’t believe that BuzzWorthy turned 6 this past November. It only seemed like yesterday that I just started up the show. I have probably learned more NOW than when I first started it up in 2007. Mainly, it’s how the industry works. I finally got a feel of what it means as how this is a job. It is a job. Connections are built, but don’t take advantage of that. That will end rather abruptly if you do.

Speaking of connections, I never thought for the life of me that this would happen. Who could honestly say that people would come out and show support for Jamey Giddens of “Daytime Confidential” and myself for Daytime Emmy credentials? I mean, wow! I am watching this unfold on my Twitter feed, and couldn’t believe it. If anything, Jamey deserved to be there more than myself, but I was in awe to see how a lasting impression was made to several people. Standing up for us? I still think about that often, and could not be any more grateful to them than I already am. I don’t say it often, but I really do appreciate them, and thank you!

So much violence has happened these past couple of years. I keep asking myself, “Why?” Many have lost their lives due to senseless violence. They cannot see their children grow up, get married, or just a long fulfilling life. Hell, we lose people close to us from natural causes at a young age not realizing anything was wrong. Life needs to not be taken for granted as we don’t know how much longer we are even here. Tell everyone how much you love and appreciate them. Don’t ever stop living your life simply because you are afraid. Honestly, I have no regrets about the past choices I made. If anything, it made me a better person. Even with the bump in the road I had to cross, it taught me a lot. I hated the outcome of it, but it was necessary to move on. I guess the old saying is true. “Learn from your mistakes and move on.”

In the end, throughout the emotional triumphs I have seen and experienced, it was outweighed by the majority of positive and great experiences that followed. I can honestly say that 2013 taught me a lot, but I always look forward to what the future brings. One thing that will not change is me as a human being and a person. I just continue to keep learning day in and out. Hopefully, everyone does, too. Stay true unto yourself. It’s the best thing out there, and you will be happier for it.

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