Podcast #543: “ICARUS DOWN” Actress TEDI NICOLETOS

Tedi Nicoletos
Tedi Nicoletos

Tedi Nicoletos is an actress and producer who brings her own unique flair to everything that she does. The actress also used her producing talents in the short film, “Icarus Down,” which premiered at the Chelsea Film Festival several weeks ago. Nicoletos plays Captain Althenia in the film, which takes place in the future. She described the premise of the film as well as her character:

“Earth is not really an option anymore, and humans are actually in search for a new way of life. The whole short film is about a military vessel that’s escorting a stranger with this case. We don’t know what is in this case, and it is very mysterious. All of a sudden, the vessel is forced to crash on an alien planet. My character wakes up in darkness, and finds everything is destroyed. She has to deal with Lt. Orrin, who is gravely injured, and as well as a betrayal of the stranger. It’s basically about betrayal on the ship, trying to escape, everyone is trying to survive, and you don’t know who is the good or bad guy at one point.”

The actress continued to speak with us about her start in acting and completing the two-year conservatory program at the Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Film in New York, as well her traveling to various countries over the world.

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You can watch the short film of “Icarus Down” below:

Download the podcast with Tedi Nicoletos below:

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