Liz Confronts Vicki and Tony on Not Safe for Daytime’s “The New Yorkers”

NSFD/Scott Clifton and Linsey Godfrey
NSFD/Scott Clifton and Linsey Godfrey

“Not Safe for Daytime” is back with its latest installment, “The New Yorkers.” The clip, which is a parody of SNL’s “The Californians,” features actors from “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Vicki (Linsey Godfrey) and Tony (Scott Clifton) are having a secret affair in an apartment in Lenox Hill, and after a detailed account on how to get to the apartment, Liz (Karla Mosley) shows up to confront her sis and husband.

Watch the hilarious clip below as Liz tells off the focaccia bread sister Vicki, and Tony drops a bomb of his own!

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