Why the Daytime Emmys Will NOT Be Televised

emmysAfter much fanfare last year when the Daytime Emmy Awards returned to television on Pop, it was announced today that the ceremony will not be televised this year. It was the first time in 2014 that the ceremony was not televised, but livestreamed online. In an official statement from NATAS (National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) President Bob Mauro, he explained why it would not be on television for this calendar year:

“After last year’s critically successful Daytime telecast, it is with great disappointment that The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announces that there will not be a broadcast of the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. After months of negotiations to find show sponsorship, the NATAS Executive Board has decided that the current climate for awards shows prohibits the possibility of a telecast this year. With that said, we will be putting on a world-class awards celebration honoring the best and brightest of Daytime television and look forward to an exciting show. All efforts regarding returning the annual gala to television in 2017 are underway.”

In an interview with TV Insider’s Michael Logan, NATAS Senior Vice President David Michaels mentioned that cost played a major role in this decision:

“Pop has been our champion and was absolutely willing to air the awards again but there was a money issue. Last year, NATAS paid for the entire production and we just can’t do that again. We’re a non-profit. Nobody could have made a greater effort to try to work a deal than [NATAS president] Bob Mauro, but we fell short on the money and our board decided not to go ahead with [a telecast] this year.”

Michaels also mentioned that while there is no word on if the a livestream of the ceremony will take place, he promises the event to be a big production, as Michael Levitt is set to produce the show once again.

What do you think of the fact that the Daytime Emmys will not be televised this year?

One thought on “Why the Daytime Emmys Will NOT Be Televised

  1. The lack of a broadcast airing seems like an inevitable financial reality. There should be a way to to do an internet show. The problem with 2014 had everything to do with a host drawing constant attention to herself, and red carpet hosts who should have been banned from the building. If a 2016 show had an experienced host, and if the red carpet hosts were the already established industry professionals, an internet show could be very successful.

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