“General Hospital” Teasers: Week of March 21st

GH Logo
GH Logo

Here is what’s ahead for the town of Port Charles this week on “General Hospital”:

-Carly’s hostile persuasion garners results. Nina sets the wheels in motion to flush out Crimson’s saboteur. The lab results are in for Tracy.

-Tracy gets some encouraging news. Liz thinks she has the perfect way of unlocking Jake’s memories from his missing years. Spinelli uncovers a lead on Hayden’s true identity.

-Liz does a little snooping. Laura learns the origins of Helena’s key that was left to her.

-Liz uncovers Hayden’s secret. Laura and Lulu’s investigation pays off. Kristina acts on impulse.

-Nikolas receives some staggering news. A clue leads Laura into Scotty’s direction. Anna comes to the conclusion she is being paranoid.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC Daytime.

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