“General Hospital” Teasers: Week of March 7th

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GH Logo

Here is what’s to come for the town of Port Charles this week on “General Hospital”:

-Sonny and Carly take a long, hard look at their relationship. Lulu’s declaration gives Dante new hope. Baxter covers when Sam begins to ask too many probing questions about Hayden. Griffin is stumped by Tracy’s test results.

-Nikolas has second thoughts about not trusting Hayden. Curtis tells Jordan that he will keep quiet about her business if she promises the same for him. Sam begins to make progress in her investigation into Hayden’s past.

-Sonny becomes privy to what Anna is hiding. Tracy contemplates her mortality. Griffin begins to shadow Anna.

-Jason has a memory involving his grandmother, Lila. Laura braces herself for the reading of Helena’s will. Sonny breaks some difficult news to Michael.

-Helena has lasting words and symbolic gifts for everyone from the grave. Anna suddenly realizes who Griffin really is and why he is spying on her. Nathan tells Dante the truth regarding Claudette.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC Daytime.

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