“General Hospital” Teasers: Week of February 8th

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GH Logo

Here is what’s ahead for the residents of Port Charles this week on “General Hospital”:

-Will Jason reach Sam in time? Intent on taking charge, Anna pays Paul a visit. Carly and Sonny give Michael sage advice about the situation with Sabrina.

-Liz is concerned about Jake’s involvement in Sam’s experience. Ava gives Julian and Alexis a unique wedding gift. Anna suggests to Mac that they dig into Paul’s family life.

-Nikolas does some online searching in order to find some answers. Hayden’s update infuriates Tracy. Maxie and Dillon grow closer after his idea for the upcoming Crimson issue on Real Women. 

-Liz receives comfort from a surprising place. Hayden takes note of Tracy’s behavior. Nathan remains a bit uneasy when around Dillon.

-Liz’s emotional reckoning comes to a head. Nathan and Maxie go to the extreme in reuniting Dante and Lulu. Several Port Charles residents are summoned to the reading of Helena’s will.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC Daytime.

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