Gail O'Grady
Gail O’Grady

Another woman from Conrad Grayson’s past is about to come to the Hamptons and shake things up. In episode 13 of ABC’s “Revenge,” viewers will be introduced to the former Mrs. Conrad Grayson, portrayed by “NYPD Blue” and “American Dreams” star, Gail O’Grady.

E! News exclusively reported that the “West Coast Posh” ex-wife is set to arrive in the Hamptons unexpectedly, and will have secrets of her own that could send send viewers and the Graysons over the edge, even though I am sure they are already there.

Executive Producer/Showrunner Sunil Nayar tells E! about Conrad’s ex-wife’s introduction:

“That’s someone who has always been out there and now we’re pretty much planning on having her introduced at some point in time. We’re pretty excited about the part and she brings with her secrets that will also blow you guys away that are going to be great.” 

The ex-wife, the mistress, and the current wife all under one roof, so to speak? This could prove very interesting for Conrad, don’t you agree?

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