Podcast #598: Kin Shriner & Jackie Zeman of “General Hospital”

Jackie Zeman and Kin Shriner
Jackie Zeman and Kin Shriner

Since 1977, Kin Shriner and Jackie Zeman have entertained fans for their portrayal of Scotty Baldwin and Bobbie Spencer on “General Hospital.” From Scotty’s infamous wedding interruption in 1981 when Luke and Laura got married, to Bobbie’s heartbreaking goodbye to BJ Jones, these two characters have had their share of ups and downs…especially when it came to relationships.

We spoke with Shriner about his fair of ladies in Port Charles, from Bobbie, Heather Webber, and Lucy Coe. Also, what is going on with Scotty and Ava Jerome? We talked about that parternership, and how this needs to be seen even more on-screen.

Also, Zeman shared some favorite “GH” moments since she first began on the show. She also talked about the anniversary episode centering around Luke Spencer and the backstory of his mother. Find out also what it was like working with Dee Wallace, and when we will be seeing Bobbie next.

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Download the full podcast with Kin Shriner and Jackie Zeman below!

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