Podcast #595: Robert Palmer Watkins of ABC’s “General Hospital”

Robert Palmer Watkins

Robert Palmer Watkins


Earlier this summer, Dillon Quartermaine reunited with his mother, Tracy, as he returned home to Port Charles and the Q mansion. Robert Palmer Watkins took over the role, and has impressed fans alike for his portrayal. With any recast, it can be hard to come in and be accepted by viewers. However, Watkins definitely hit the ground running when he first premiered.

It’s been an awesome journey. I think I was able to take the role on because I can relate to him a lot. Dillon was a struggling filmmaker in L.A. for seven years, whereas I was a struggling actor in L.A. for seven years. He’s a creative, artistic type, much like myself, with a sarcastic sense of humor. I’ve been enjoying finding who he is, and I still kind of am with every script I read. There’s so much history with soaps, as you know. I had to do some research and find out who I (Dillon) was related to. It’s been a process, but it’s very interesting.”

Prior to Watkins taking on the role, it was previous played by Scott Clifton, who currently airs on CBS Daytime’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The actor spoke about taking on the character after it was held by Clifton for four years:

“When I was auditioning for the role, they didn’t tell me it was a recast for Dillon. I had no idea until I actually booked it. When I booked it, they told my manager and myself that it was for Dillon. ‘He’s a legacy character, and part of a legacy family called the Quartermaines.’ Then, I did some research. To be honest, I did not want to watch a lot of Scott Clifton’s work. I didn’t want to, not that I would copy him, but have that in the back of my head; his acting choices. At the end of the day, I am a different actor playing him. Seven years have gone by since he was on the show. Dillon would have a changed. He’s been away, he would have matured, and is a man now. I definitely watched his work since, but the first month or so, I didn’t watch any of his stuff. He was great, and brought so much life to Dillon. I try to keep some of his witty sense of humor, as well as his quirky stuff. We’ll see more of Dillon’s playful side soon. Recasts are always hard, especially where Scott Clifton is so loved and did a good job. I think him tweeting and putting his stamp of approval on me helped the fans to accept me. So far, everyone has been supportive and liking what I am doing. I am definitely trying to make him my own, but still keep what people loved about the old Dillon, too.”

As we continued our podcast, we spoke with Watkins about life of a struggling actor and what he wanted to do before getting hit with the acting bug. Find out more about his “Funk-It Friday” videos (where I made a suggestion of R&B proportions), and his quest to making the World’s Best Breakfast Omelette. Find out also who I think Watkins needs to share some scenes with next!

Also, prior to joining “GH,” Watkins played the role of Shane Isaacs on the web series, “Last Life.” The first season, consisting of eight episodes, can be seen at its official website at http://lastlifeseries.com

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