Buzzcast Flashback: JORDANA BREWSTER of TNT’s “DALLAS”

Jordana Brewster
Jordana Brewster

In this edition of the Buzzcast Flashback, which originally aired on July 25, 2012, we spoke with “DALLAS” star, Jordana Brewster. The actress, who plays Elena Ramos, also is known for the “Fast and Furious” movie franchise.

Brewster was the first non-original cast member to be cast in the reboot of the CBS series, which ran from 1978-1991. We follow the lives of the younger generation of the Ewing clan, but still get a taste of original characters such as Bobby EwingSue Ellen Ewing, and J.R. Ewing. The actress told us about first watching the original run of the series:

“I knew all about ‘Dallas,’ but I never got to watch the episodes. I started watching it right after I got the role, and watched a lot of them on set. I would see an episode, and talk to Linda (Gray) about it the next day, ask her questions, and it was really fun for me. I had all the trivia I needed.”

She continued on about working with the original cast in the reboot of the series:

“They are such a good example for the newer cast, because they have been friends for the past 30 years. They are so gracious, fun, and they have fun every day. You look at them and go, ‘That’s what I want to be.’ They are awesome, especially Linda. I love Linda.”

While her professional life may be more stable, her love life does live up to those standards. As Elena is torn between her current love, John Ross (Josh Henderson) and her ex, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), just exactly where does her heart lie between the two men?

“She is really confused! I mean, she IS dealing with the Ewings, and one of them is not the nicest guy. From Elena’s perspective, she really had her heart broken by Christopher. And he is with someone else that is right under her eyes. That’s just horrible. John Ross is smart, sneaky, and scooped her up when she was heartbroken and needed help. I see the appeal in him. He’s a bad boy, knows what he wants, and is a go-getter. I do think John Ross is genuinely in love with Elena, but I think ultimately her first love is Christopher. He’s the one who has integrity, as does Elena. So, ultimately, he’s the one she is love with deep down.”

As I personally said, I think Elena needs to tell both of them to shove off and let her be her. They did her wrong, so let her stand on her own and come out on top.

Fans first fell in love with Jordana when she originated the role of Nikki Munson on “As The World Turns,” from 1995-1998. We spoke to her briefly about her time there and working alongside the late Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal Munson):

“I loved Benjamin. He was so wonderful to have as a ‘dad.’ He was a phenomenal actor, and here I am, as a 16 year old who came in and said, ‘I don’t really know what I’m doing.’ He would say, ‘Watch yourself, and take more risks.’ When I left the show, he wrote me this long letter of advice. One of the pieces of advice was, ‘Stop swearing.’ *laughs* He said, ‘The outside doesn’t match what is coming out of your mouth.’ He was the most nurturing, wonderful man with a wicked sense of humor. He made going to work that much more fun.”

You can follow Jordana on Twitter: @JordanaBrewster, and “DALLAS” returns with its new season in 2014.

Download and listen to our flashback interview with Jordana Brewster by clicking on the player below:

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