“One Life to Live” Alum Brandon Buddy: “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been”

Brandon Buddy
Brandon Buddy

It has been about seven months since former “One Life to Live” star, Brandon Buddy, has tweeted to his fans. Today, the actor wrote a message to his fans about his absence.

Back in January, Buddy was arrested for a DWI in Texas, after reports came through that he was allegedly intoxicated leaving an Austin gas station grabbing a beer. Law enforcement officials also was investigating Buddy for possession of dangerous drugs.

Below is the message Buddy tweeted to his fans:

“The beautiful thing about being lost is that then you can be found!!! About 7 months ago I was breaths away from death and now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been!!! I want to thank you all for your prayers!!! Words cannot describe how sorry I am for all the broken promises, for letting you down and for the hurt that I might have caused!!!! I have been blessed with a fresh start and understand the importance of it!!!…. I was rescued from the pit of my hell not to better my life but to help others! Thank you all for your love and support. Talk to you soon!!”

We at THE BUZZ wish you nothing but the best, Brandon Buddy! We’re very proud of you. Keep it up and stay strong.

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